IMPORTANT NOTE: Canine Higher Learning's HD Dogs is NOT a rescue organization, but simply a matchmaking service. By posting a dog on these pages, you assure that the dog is, to your knowledge, not aggressive, and has not bitten nor injured any person or dog. Canine Higher Learning and its partners do not make any guarantees or assurances with regard to the temperament or aptitude of any of the dogs listed. Please use your due diligence when adopting a dog out; interview the adoptee thoroughly and ask for references if possible. In addition, as with any internet listing site, please practice safe meeting protocols. While "dog people" may generally be nicer than the average person, dangerous people and "rip-off" artists still exist, so be sure to protect yourself.

Do You Have a High-Drive Dog That Needs a Home?

We understand that high-drive dogs are not for everyone. If you have a high-drive dog that you are not able to keep, or know of someone who does, please fill out the form below, and we will add him or her to our postings.

Please note that, while we cannot guarantee any placements, we can increase exposure to sports-oriented homes.

Please note that, while not required fields, weight and height may both be very pertinent to potential adopters, depending on the dog sport(s) in which they are involved.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not include your name or any of the above email or telephone information in the public listing unless you specifically list it in the "Public Information" section. Since we are not a rescue organization, contacts cannot be made through us. Therefore you must list some kind of contact information so that people may contact you or your rescue organization.

TO INCLUDE A PHOTO with your listing, email your jpg to Please put in the subject line: "Sports dog prospect", and include the dog's name so that we may match it with the correct description.

Thank you for your submission! Please email us at if you have any questions.

Note that listings may take up to 7 days to post if all information is complete. If additional information is needed, we will call or email you.