Welcome to High Drive Dogs

The High Drive Dogs website, HDDogs,com, is dedicated to helping high energy dogs to find forever homes with families and individuals who are prepared to give them the mental and physical activity that they so desperately need. These homes include competitors in dog sports such as agility, flyball and disc dogs, as well as those involved in search and rescue, police work and the film industry.

As a professional dog trainer and dogs sports enthusiast, I’ve worked with these dogs for most of my life, including the past 20 years professionally. I have helped many of these dogs to be able to fulfill their callings by helping their owners to find outlets for their incredible physical and mental energy.

In this blog, I hope to offer insights and tips to dealing with your high drive dogs, or simply to help you have more fun with your already well-adjusted family dogs. Please feel free to offer feedback as we move along this journey together, including requests for topics that are of interest to you.

Tail wags,