3 thoughts on “World’s best running partner

  1. I am at the part of my life that I just do not want to get a puppy. Love looking at them, but don’t want to deal with house tiianrng and all that energy. Older dogs and I get along fine. We both move a little slower and sleep a little later. Older dogs are great. Loved this video!!!

  2. Fabulous! Right now, we’re fostering the most aainmzg senior Collie. She is calm enough for a nine-year-old to walk on a leash, yet she can party with our hyper Brittany. She needs a little medicine, but it’s no problem at all. She loves attention, doesn’t jump on anyone, is housebroken, crate-trained, etc. etc. Just like the dogs on the video, she’s the perfect dog for the right family. Look for Sparkles on PetFinder.

  3. Beautiful video ! I volunteer at dog rusece and it is so true that most seniors are not lucky enough to get out of a pound to be adopted, thankfully most ruseces will have a few senior dogs at all times. Seniors are gentle, wise, and usually very easy, laid back dogs, make excellent best friends ! They may not have as long to live as a puppy or very young dog, but remember you can give them the best years of their life, and they will be forever grateful to you.

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